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Smart Trader Smart Volume Analysis Software instantly handles the time-consuming manual background analysis, volume analysis, and signal analysis leaving you free to make considered and enlightened trading decisions faster than would be possible otherwise.  Smart also includes powerful On Screen Trade Advisers as well as other chart tools to further enhance your trading success.


Here is just a small listing of the features and benefits our software provides.

Trade Smart…

Trade Catalyst Smart Volume Spread Analysis Suite

Our Software was created by the founder of Smart Volume Spread Analysis and Smart Trader Software to offer the most accurate and comprehensive volume spread analysis trading software available anywhere.

Smart Trader Smart Volume Spread Analysis Software

Smart Trader is a complete trading solution that includes:

  • Smart Volume Modules (4 Types of Critical Analysis from One Module)
  • Real Time Dynamic Signal Modules
  • Advanced Signal Modules
  • Smart Trade Advisors (With Chart Verification)
  • Smart Trade Verification Modules
  • Smart Trading Zone Modules
  • High Volume Zone modules
  • Volume Based Support and Resistance Modules
  • Volume Based Strength Meters
  • Real Time Market Background Scanning tools
  • Visual Multiple Time Frame Strength and Weakness Analysis
  • Alerts (Audio and Email)
  • Dedicated Client Support and Documentation Website
  • And Much More (Read below for detailed information)
  • Powerful Price and Volume Based Trading Signals Using Smart Volume Analysis
  • Created and maintained by the creators of Smart Volume Analysis and Smart Volume Spread Analysis
  • Full Suite of Background Scanners and Smart Volume Analysis Tools
  • Signals in all Markets and All Time-Frames *
  • Trading Signals Across Multiple Time-frames *
  • Dedicated Client Support and Documentation Website
  • Proprietary Real Time Background Scanning System included
  • Alerts in multiple markets
  • Advanced Target and Trade Exiting systems and Concept Modules
  • In-depth market analysis using the very systems and concepts once only available in our advanced products to give unrivaled trade selection.
  • Details of each Smart Volume Analysis Signal with full Expectation of Movement (EOM) (Proprietary System) profit targets
  • All analysis and Signal information is printed to the chart in real-time and in a visual, concise, and easy to understand display.
  • Accelerated Learning Of Smart Volume Analysis and Smart Volume Spread Analysis
  • Optional Trade Alert Service so you can follow our trades in your own account
  • Simple and affordable licensing and pricing

Our software is designed to be as flexible and customizable as you need.  Modules and tools can be loaded, or unloaded at will and it includes our proprietary Smart Chart “painted bars” system which makes it far easier and quicker to identify profitable trade setups.  We include templates to get you up and running very quickly as well.

Our software was designed with ease of use and speed in mind.  After a very short time you can master the software and exploit and capture every trade opportunity with confidence and ease.

Smart Trader gives you the flexibility to trade the way you want with only the very best signals and modules you need at a fraction of the cost of other Volume Spread Analysis trading systems.

Requirements: Metatrader 4.0 (Stand Alone Version is coming soon)

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Smarter Volume.  The Core of our System.

Why is Smart Volume Spread Analysis so accurate?

Smart Volume Analysis

Most volume traders are taught to use an average of the volume data to generate their signals and do their analysis.  Our proprietary Smart Volume Analysis Volume Module  uses a different and more powerful concept that provides real-time analysis and signal generation that is far more accurate and quicker than any other volume analysis system available.

Real Time Dynamic Signal Modules

When trading whether it be for a living or a hobby, you are only as fast as your analysis.

Proprietary Background Scanner

Our software is built with the understanding that efficient signals and systems which are reliable as well as profitable are the foundation for proper trading.  Time normally spent doing tedious analysis is handled very quickly and automatically by our software freeing you up to take advantage of real-time opportunities and not wasting time attempting to identify them.

Advanced Signal Modules

Our advanced Smart Volume Analysis signals take things one step further.

Proprietary Background Scanner

The old way of doing Volume Spread Analysis is built around single bars or narrow views of activity and while this is generally okay, we realized very early in the development of Smart Volume Analysis and our visual trading tools a lot of opportunities are missed if you don’t focus on the larger picture that makes up each market day.  Patterns in Smart repeat themselves each and every day and we are able to capitalize on signals and setups unique to Smart Volume Spread Analysis that no other Volume Spread Analysis software can touch.

Smart Trade Advisors (With Chart Verification)

In trading you need to be able to identify and exploit setups very quickly.

Proprietary Background Scanner

Smart Trader Includes Smart Trade Advisor Information printed in real-time to your chart in a very easy to read and understand way.

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Smart Trade Verification Modules

Identifying profitable setups is only half the battle.

Proprietary Background Scanner

Smart not only identifies the setups worth trading but also warns if there are any potential problems too.  This verification is done in real-time and printed right to the chart so there is no fumbling for a document

Smart Trading Zone Modules

Smart Trading Zones are Volume Based Ranges That show very clearly where activity will stall or soar.Proprietary Background Scanner


These zones are generated in real time and are always available on your chart in a simple and easy to read way.

High Volume Zone modules

Proprietary Background Scanner


High Volume Zones or HVZ’s are often misunderstood and as such are rarely used to their potential.  Smart Generates these zones in real time in your chart and we have a number of ways these can be used effectively with very little effort.

Volume Based Support and Resistance Modules

Trades using Support and Resistance levels can generally be quite good.Proprietary Background Scanner

Like most any form of analysis, adding volume greatly improves existing methods and concepts.  Volume Based Support and Resistance is no different.  You know precisely where the market will turn and combined with Smart Volume Spread Analysis signals, when it’s due to breakout.  It’s simpler, faster, and most importantly more profitable than the “old” way.

Volume Based Strength Meters

Strength meters tend to be oddly done.  Usually they use some form of averaging with RSI or similar.  Proprietary Background Scanner

If you like to lose a lot trading this is a fine way to do it.  We prefer to do it a better way and keep what we earn.  We apply real-time volume analysis to determine strength or weakness and  exploit setups more easily than with simple strength meters.

Visual Multiple Time Frame Strength and Weakness Analysis
Proprietary Background Scanner

Our goal has always been to provide a clean uncluttered yet powerful and visual chart analysis system and as such our visual Multiple Time Frame Strength and Weakness Analysis module is easily seen and read from a single chart without ever having to switch time frames.

Real Time Market Background Scanning tools

Volume Spread Analysis relies on a proper reading of the background.Proprietary Realtime Volume Spread Analysis Background Scanner

Is the background strong? is it weak? The answer to these questions is made easier with our multi-time frame background scanners and immediate background modules.  As odd as it sounds we’re the only Volume Spread Analysis software to includes these fundamental tools.


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Our software is just better in every way…

Smart Trade Includes World Class Smart Volume Spread Analysis tools, Smart Trade Advisers, and Trade Verification Systems which are all shown right on your chart saving you precious time.

Learning and more importantly trading using Smart Volume Spread Analysis is made much easier utilizing our software.  It enables you to exploit and profit from the markets with near 100% accuracy.  It is unlike anything you have ever used before yet it is so simple in it’s premise.


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