Basket Trading Using Smart Volume Spread Analysis

EU Index Basket Trading Using Smart Volume Analysis

EU Index Basket Trading Using Smart Volume Analysis (Click to open and follow along)

Basket Trading Using Smart Volume Spread Analysis

Smart Group Trade Entries on EU Index H4

Some recent trade setups using only catalyst signals with no warnings, or minor warnings are taken. These are four hour trades using our simple Four Step Method which you can find on our website (

Short Trades
1. Smart Volume Analysis Upthrust (Up Bar Upthrust Warning but taken based on other factors including location and VBS)
2. Smart Volume Analysis Upthrust (No Warning)
3. Smart Volume Analysis Upthrust (No Warning)

Long Trades
4. Smart Volume Analysis Smart Buying Signal (No Warning) as shown at right (6)
5. Smart Volume Analysis Reverse Upthrust (No Warning)

6. Current Trade Information Area which includes Smart Volume Analysis Trade Advisor Warnings if any.

7. Smart Volume Analysis Reverse Shakeout (No Warning) This trade was not taken but it was a very good one.

Other trade setups that were also catalysts had warnings I avoid.  Generally location based warnings. If you know what’s possible with baskets you know how these trades went. People that don’t know simply wouldn’t believe it so I’ll just say this… The EURUSD component of a single basket was up over 90 pips on it’s own (There are 7-8 pairs generally in a group trade). This particular trade was taken live for our basic alert service. Please read the article about group trading on our website for some insights into this method with the critical puzzle piece… Our very powerful Volume Analysis Software and our proven methods.

We have a test account setup for development on Group Trading Tools that you can follow for free on twitter. Just ask for information in the ticket.

Thank you.

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