GBP Group Trade (Smart Volume Analysis + Catalyst Signal = 555 Pips)

A number of people following along with the Group Trading Account on Twitter asked if I could show a screenshot of the trade I took on the GBP (Basket) which I closed for 555 pips a short while ago.  If you own Smart you already know why this trade was taken and may have taken it as well.  This post is for those that do not.

The trade setup is a favorite of mine and I write about it a lot. It’s notated on the GBP index chart screenshot at #1. GBP Basket RUT (Had Warning) 555 Pips 01-26-2016There was actually a warning on this trade but not one I worry too much about. It’s marked in the comments for the trade in the Terminal screenshot below2016-01-26 MT4 Terminal Screenshot (GBP Basket Trade).  I also include a screenshot showing the MyFXBook post (Daily total) 2016-01-26_12h27_49-Twitter MyFXBook Post (Daily Total)

This was one basket taken late last night (My time) and closed this morning when I awoke.


If you have any questions about this trade method or our software please use the support link on our website.

Good luck trading and thanks for reading.

Update about the EA’s as well as videos. The EA is getting sorted now and I plan on making some videos for our friends that have requested them all day today.

If you have any suggestions for videos please send them to me using the support link.


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