A Nice Testimonial About Smart’s Performance and A New Feature in Version 5.0

We got a nice email from a client that has done very well with the older version of Smart Trader and updated to version 5.0 after the official launch yesterday.   Here is what he had to say about one of the new features in this version (SMS Alerts) that enabled him to take advantage of a trade he would have missed otherwise.

I edited it to its essence and removed some unrelated questions (Thanks Joe).


Just wanted to let you know that after not even one full day of using version 5.0 I already made 10x the upgrade cost from last night. I got an alert with the new alert system during the NY session so I checked my chart and I saw a great setup.  I went long and booked 75 pips!

Thanks, J.

I always love to hear how you guys are doing of course but as I always say…  Don’t tell just me.  I know Smart Volume Spread Analysis is awesome.  Tell your friends and people you love so they to can take control of, and create their own success too.

It has been very hectic getting the launch ready and now that it’s here it’s even crazier.  If you have a ticket that hasn’t been answered in a while, send it again as some may have fallen though the cracks.

As always please let us know if you have any questions.

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