Thanks for your help, I found the four step doc, and I tried several setups and trades. I must be doing something wrong because my account is already up by 8000€. Hopefully this is not beginners luck but it’s looking good so far.- P. B., Posted To The Support Ticket System After a few days of using the software. Clearly he's doing it right.
PS – Thanks to SMART just made back a loss on GBP/USD H1 with ETF followed by PUT- W., Commenting on first trade using SMART
By the way the 240 euro cost of your software is the best money I’ve spent to date on trading, you have an excellent product and setup, I was a TradeGuider user up till this!!!- C., Comment posted in the free live trading room
Closed today’s D1 trades with total profit 76 pips. All hit sEOM. Total for the week around 500 pips. ) (including H4 trades).- R.T., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
SMART is on fire. 184% since May. Just kicking my brokers a** every day.- Ernesto P., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
+70 for EU(B) & UJ(S) today, honestly following 4 step method! and no more than that!!!- Jegan S., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
AU D1 RUT reached EOM already. SMART worked like a charm as always.- J. Kojima, Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
I am a long time owner and profiteer thanks to Smart. I know it was dumb but I am always looking for an edge. I tried a cheap smart knockoff just to see. What a waste. Your software is 100 times better even if it is more expensive. The money that would be saved was quickly eaten up by losses on that AT garbage.- MP, Posted as part of a support ticket
3 trades closed today, all w/ safe EOM touched. AJ, CHF/JPY and GJ, for roughly 90 pips altogether. I love those easy D1 trades- Laurentiu S., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
Hi James, My H4 trades have been 100% winners the last two weeks.- D. Owens, Posted via the Support System
Agreed. It paid for itself today… the first day I’ve used it- P.T., Posted to the forum thread
I have been using Trade Guider for over a year and Smart beats it right left and center…. so far 5 days no losses following the four step method. Its 400+ pips- Jegan N., Posted to the free live trading room.
I made 45% Today trading signal to signal! The winning rate is 94%. You can check it here: This is simply AMAZING. Now I feel more confident everytime I enter a trade!- Anne J., Client Email
Brag Time. This year I have hardly been on the wrong side and caught most of the big moves. 🙂- S.M., Comment posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
made $540 on the EU H4 , $279.25 on the UChf, $58.54 on the UCad and $264.71 on the UJ….yawn…another boring day using SMART- David G., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
162.16 pips from yesterdays D1 method trades- J.M., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
SMART’s new advisor gave me 250 more pips today than I would have done without it- JK, Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
I traded 80 times as of today in this year. 65 win/3 loss 12 BE- Jun K., YTD Results posted on 04/02/2013 to the Google Plus Usergroup
I’m still learning the ins and outs but so far up 970pips with your simple 4step method since I started just 10 days ago.- Gary G., Client Email
It is so much clearer and better than Tradeguider.- Chris N., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
I Made Ten Times The Price The First Day!- Joe T., Submitted via Email
I had 9 winning trades in row with smart and only spend 10 minutes a day setting up trades.- Alex B., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
I bought the TradeGuider MT4 plugin and compared with your SMART and there is no comparison… the TG stuff is shite.- Jim R., Posted to the Facebook User Group
A weekend spent looking at SMART for the first time… WOW!!!! I just flushed TG down the toilet.- Chris G., Comment and Screenshot was Posted in the Facebook Group