Smart Volume Spread Analysis Daily Trade Setup

Welcome to the Smart Volume Spread Analysis Daily Trade Setup for 11-15-2016.

In Today’s Smart Volume Spread Analysis Daily Trade Setup we are looking at a setup on the EURUSD chart and one of my favorite signals, the Smart Buying Signal.

Here is the Chart (click the image to enlarge in a new window):

Smart Volume Spread Analysis Daily Trade Setup on the EURUSD Chart

Smart Volume Spread Analysis Daily Trade Setup on the EURUSD Chart

The daily signal for the EURUSD is a Smart Buying signal.  Smart Buying (#1) is a strength signal that has a EOM (Expectation of Movement) of 62 pips and a Safe EOM of 31 pips (#3) on this time frame.  The safe EOM was hit and the trade exited as per the four step method (link to it).  There were no trade warnings from our proprietary Smart Volume Spread Analysis Trade Advisors on this setup (#4).

  1. Entry Signal (Exclusive Smart Buying)
  2. Time-frame, Signal Name, and Signal Meaning
  3. Smart Proprietary EOM Targets For This Trade (Target was hit and exited)
  4. Smart Trade Advisor (No Warnings on Trade)
  5. Trade Bar

Please note: The chart in this setup is the daily but even on the daily we rarely sit in trades very long.  Our signals and setups have volume and momentum behind them and tend to move very quickly to the target, even on longer time frames.

Trading without Smart Volume Spread Analysis Can Be Tricky:

For those not using our software, volume trading is likely more difficult than necessary.  This pattern without Smart will often trick standard Volume Spread Analysis traders because it closely resembles an Upthrust which is a classic weakness signal.  The Upthrust is a great signal and will serve you well however,  our Smart Buying Signal is smarter.  It takes into account many hidden variables based on time and prior market activity to determine that strength, not weakness has entered the market.  When it appears as it did here, we can safely go long to the target.  The EOM target which is also a proprietary feature of Smart VSA Software, gets you out at the best place for a quick and safe trade.  Here is another article related to the EOM Concept For more information on these and many other features of Smart, search our News Section.

The Smart Four Step Method

The trade setup for today relied on our very popular and easy to follow Four Step Method.  The four step method is just as easy to use and profit from as it sounds. If you are a client you already know how well this particular method works.  We used the newer version of this method which we developed after new trade validation and analysis tools were added to the software.  Both approaches are equally great.  One just happens to be slightly less restrictive. You can find out more information about the newer method used here and the older slightly more restrictive version here.

The Smart Volume Spread Analysis Newsletter

The Smart Volume Spread Analysis Daily Trade Setup is a new service that will offer daily analysis and commentary for the markets based solely on our own unique and proprietary smart Volume Spread Analysis.  The posts are delayed until exit for non-subscribers. If you would like to subscribe and get these trade setups as they happen, and special offers and discounts available only to subscribers. click here to subscribe It’s free.

A Word About The Software Used For This Analysis

Like all of the VSA Indicators included with our software, the Smart Buying signal is a proprietary signal.  By that I mean it is unique to Smart Trader and does not exist in any other Volume Spread Analysis software or indicators.  Like much of Smart Volume Spread Analysis, the methods, concepts, and signals are developed solely from my own experiences trading and optimizing VSA. No company that produces software purporting to do proper Volume Analysis can come close to our level of ease or success.  Take a look at a recent success story we’re proud of to see how our clients are doing with our Smarter Volume Spread Analysis Indicators.

Thank you for your interest and please contact us using the support link if you have any questions.


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