An Interesting Phone Call

Earlier last week a client of ours sent a ticket with some questions about some of the basket articles I’ve written recently.  I called him on the phone to go over them as I often do and while we were on the phone he pointed out a pattern on a longer term chart that he wanted me to look at.  The signal is one I write about a lot and he spotted a great example of it.  I said I would do it (take the trade).  Allen did take that trade and sent a follow-up ticket with some questions and an update on that trade (Chart first) later that week…

Here is the chart he spotted the trade on (Signal #1) I marked off other setups that matched Allen’s and ones that did not that occurred recently:


The trades were confirmed using the Visual Advisor (Which is used for back testing) that is what the lines are pointing too below the signals.  Blue means no warning existed at the time.  Red means a warning existed.  Pips shown for the older trades are done using the signal to signal method and to be clear were not taken but this chart clearly shows how adept Smart is in so many ways.

Here is his update…

Hi James,

Wanted to follow-up on a few items:

1) —

2) —

3) During our phone call on Monday, I asked you about a signal buy which was a RUT with no warning.   You said it looked good to you. I took it and banked +375 pips total….thank you.

Have a good weekend.


In case anyone was wondering, the testimonials I post are real and I ask permission to publish the comments sent privately from clients before posting them.  The request to Allen is below:

“Allen as you know we sometimes post comments about their experiences using Smart from users. I wonder if it would be alright to use your comment about the trade we discussed on the phone as the subject of an article as it covers a few things all at once.

We don’t show your full name so it’s anonymous except for the first name.


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