A weekend spent looking at SMART for the first time… WOW!!!! I just flushed TG down the toilet.- Chris G., Comment and Screenshot was Posted in the Facebook Group
I am a long time owner and profiteer thanks to Smart. I know it was dumb but I am always looking for an edge. I tried a cheap smart knockoff just to see. What a waste. Your software is 100 times better even if it is more expensive. The money that would be saved was quickly eaten up by losses on that AT garbage.- MP, Posted as part of a support ticket
By the way the 240 euro cost of your software is the best money I’ve spent to date on trading, you have an excellent product and setup, I was a TradeGuider user up till this!!!- C., Comment posted in the free live trading room
SMART’s new advisor gave me 250 more pips today than I would have done without it- JK, Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
I had 9 winning trades in row with smart and only spend 10 minutes a day setting up trades.- Alex B., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
Closed today’s D1 trades with total profit 76 pips. All hit sEOM. Total for the week around 500 pips. ) (including H4 trades).- R.T., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
SMART is on fire. 184% since May. Just kicking my brokers a** every day.- Ernesto P., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
PS – Thanks to SMART just made back a loss on GBP/USD H1 with ETF followed by PUT- W., Commenting on first trade using SMART
Thanks for your help, I found the four step doc, and I tried several setups and trades. I must be doing something wrong because my account is already up by 8000€. Hopefully this is not beginners luck but it’s looking good so far.- P. B., Posted To The Support Ticket System After a few days of using the software. Clearly he's doing it right.
Hi James, My H4 trades have been 100% winners the last two weeks.- D. Owens, Posted via the Support System
I’m still learning the ins and outs but so far up 970pips with your simple 4step method since I started just 10 days ago.- Gary G., Client Email
made $540 on the EU H4 , $279.25 on the UChf, $58.54 on the UCad and $264.71 on the UJ….yawn…another boring day using SMART- David G., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
3 trades closed today, all w/ safe EOM touched. AJ, CHF/JPY and GJ, for roughly 90 pips altogether. I love those easy D1 trades- Laurentiu S., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
I have been using Trade Guider for over a year and Smart beats it right left and center…. so far 5 days no losses following the four step method. Its 400+ pips- Jegan N., Posted to the free live trading room.
I made 45% Today trading signal to signal! The winning rate is 94%. You can check it here: This is simply AMAZING. Now I feel more confident everytime I enter a trade!- Anne J., Client Email
Agreed. It paid for itself today… the first day I’ve used it- P.T., Posted to the forum thread
I traded 80 times as of today in this year. 65 win/3 loss 12 BE- Jun K., YTD Results posted on 04/02/2013 to the Google Plus Usergroup
+70 for EU(B) & UJ(S) today, honestly following 4 step method! and no more than that!!!- Jegan S., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
162.16 pips from yesterdays D1 method trades- J.M., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
I bought the TradeGuider MT4 plugin and compared with your SMART and there is no comparison… the TG stuff is shite.- Jim R., Posted to the Facebook User Group
Brag Time. This year I have hardly been on the wrong side and caught most of the big moves. 🙂- S.M., Comment posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
It is so much clearer and better than Tradeguider.- Chris N., Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup
I Made Ten Times The Price The First Day!- Joe T., Submitted via Email
AU D1 RUT reached EOM already. SMART worked like a charm as always.- J. Kojima, Posted to the Google Plus Usergroup