Brexit Was No match for Smart Volume Spread Analysis

Brexit Was No Match For Smart Volume Spread Analysis

I am working on an article to detail a very successful and easy to follow method for trading the SP500 Emini aka the ES or e-mini. I had been compiling results on multiple time frames and working out guidelines for each when news started coming out about the impending Brexit vote. This is an example of that method in action when the big news started coming out that England is leaving the European Union. It details very clearly how well Smart Volume Spread Analysis works even on unprecedented news.

The markets went completely crazy. The GBP dropped to levels not seen in nearly 35 years. Markets all around the globe were crashing as well. All by 5% or more, and many by much worse. Even with all that turmoil going on Smart set up with one of my favorite signals and the trade still worked very well as expected.

Screenshot text:

Even Brexit was no match for Smart Volume Spread Analysis and our Proprietary Trading Methods.

During the most important and volatile day the financial markets have had to endure in a very long time, our proprietary Smart Volume Spread Analysis software had no problem finding great trades.  Using a simple Trading Method we have developed one trade setup appeared during our ES trade window. Unsurprisingly it worked. Even during one of the craziest market days seen in decades.

Brexit Was No Match For Smart Volume Spread Analysis

Brexit Was No Match For Smart Volume Spread Analysis (Click to enlarge)

The Trade:

Upthrust During Trading Window (Gray Area) with No Warning (1) and No HVZ Entry Issues. Target was lower HVZ Area (2) since we are on Hourly. There are a few ways to exit this method which I will be describing in Future Articles and Documents.

Existing clients of ours will notice some other setups outside the trade window for this method as well.

I didn’t take this trade. I do not trade on Friday but there it is. A number of people asked how Smart performed with everything that was going and I think you can see. Another boring day using Smart.

We will publish the full Article detailing this very easy method for trading the ES using Volume Spread Analysis this weekend. Enjoy this teaser for now and as always please let us know if you have any questions using the link on our website.

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