Futures Trading With Smart VSA Easily Nets 40 To 100 Ticks Per Day

Futures Trading With Smart Volume Spread Analysis Easily Nets 40 To 100 Ticks Per Day on Oil alone.

I got an update from a client I have written about before… Our software has enabled many people to realize their dreams of trading full-time.  One client we’ve written about before did so after only 6 months of light use.  He updated us recently on his progress and has allowed me to share it with you….  He is futures trading using our Smart Volume Spread Analysis software trading oil and is averaging 40-100 ticks per day (equal to about $400.00 – $1,000.00 per day at the minimum contract size) since he started full-time.

Hi Guys.
Hows it going?  If you recall from my last email I was planning on trading full-time at the beginning of this year.  I’ve traded full-time now the last 3 months thanks to your software.  I am trading crude oil on a strictly intraday basis, I get some nice runners each day and I usually pull 40-100 ticks of crude a day…
It’s been great and I am very thankful for your system.
Take care
Mike L.

I edited out some extra stuff about updates to the software Mike asked about and some other details about his trading I wasn’t certain he wanted divulged.  The take away here is that:

  1. Smart Volume Spread Analysis works extremely well on commodities in addition to Forex and of course stocks etc.
  2. No matter what markets you trade Smart VSA can  have you trading with near 100% accuracy consistently enough to go full-time.
  3. Smart Volume Spread Analysis is a trading method that will enable you to be a better trader in a very short amount of time and that knowledge and the tools we provide will last a lifetime.  Let me know how I can help.

Here is a quick chart that details how easy it is futures trading using Smart Volume Spread Analysis and Catalyst Signals.  The Red and Blue triangles denote the signals you would have taken based on location and trade adviser warnings which are displayed on the chart in real-time.

Futures Trading Using Smart Volume Spread Analysis (Click To Enlarge)

Futures Trading Using Smart Volume Spread Analysis (Click To Enlarge



If anyone would like more information about futures trading, ES (S&P 500 e-Mini), or any market for that matter using Smart Volume Spread Analysis methods and software, please send your questions using the support link on our website.

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